On Freedom + Becoming a Wife

In the weeks since my recent wedding, I am delightfully discovering this delicious sense of freedom spiraling up from within. Wide swaths of my energy are returning home to me. Aspects of myself that had been unconsciously tied up in some kind of relentless pursuit “out there” (perhaps trying to get love, approval, validation, and meaning from the outside world) have now slingshotted themselves back inside of me, available now for a new purpose. It’s not that I’ve now directed these energies to my husband, but rather that I have returned them to Source, to my Self. I will never again underestimate the incomparable power of a big, public, and well-crafted ritual to reorganize and recreate the inner and then outer worlds. I am bursting forth with creative ideas, oozing with a kind of quiet ecstasy, feeling a deeper sense of self-acceptance than ever before. I am engaged deeply with my muse, set free to pursue my creative sexual vitality and channel it toward projects that bring beauty and healing into the world. Here’s to a renewed daily celebration of life and my particular place in it. And here’s to your own!

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