I am the Double Headed Serpent.

I am the Double Headed Serpent.  My name is your birth and your death.  I am the cervix you arrived through and the tunnel of white light through which you’ll leave.  I am the mouth that suckles breastmilk, and the anus that fertilizes the soil.

My one face is your sex, and the other is your spirit.  You’ll notice that they are identical in level, value, and shape.

I am the wife, and I am the mistress, and I am the current that moves in between.

Beware if you deny one of my faces while the other face leads you, flinging you off in a one-sided quest.  It may appear to you as if you’re getting somewhere, dragging the dead weight of your cast-off other behind you.  But I am nothing if not ferocious.  My forgotten face will only be dragged a short while before it awakens, doubles back on itself, and strikes hard with the fangs of mercy.  If, even then, you continue to deny me, your precious lifeblood will drain out in a slow trickle, a sacrifice in a falsely-laid battle to wrest dominance from your own other half.

Do not waste time like this.

There is nowhere to get to.  The imagined quest ends here.  Recognize your own long and undulating body, rippling in both directions, scintillating in aliveness, and contentedly still.

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