Sex, Intimacy & Relationship

I can support you to make more love in this world.

Hi, I'm Robyn.

I help you and your partner build a foundation of self-awareness and rock solid communication skills so you can have the connected, satisfying sexual relationship you've always wanted.

Along the way you can expect a transformational mix of healing, self-discovery, education, experiential exercises, and gentle support as you take new risks.

I help you get deeply reconnected--first with yourself--and then with your partner.

Let's make more love in this world.

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As a Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach, I help you grow your capacity to be fully met, heart-to-heart and body-to-body.

I’m here to help you experience more soul-nourishing connection, pleasure and kindness in your life.

I know this is possible for you, and I have some proven tools to take you there.

“Sexual Vitality is what gives our lives spark and passion.
Warm, loving connections are what give our lives meaning.
Both are part of our natural birthright.
If past trauma, religious programming, being with partners that aren’t right for you, or a stressful lifestyle have gotten in the way of your natural ability to enjoy pleasure and connection, I can help.”

All of You Is Welcome!

Body -relaxing your body into a state of deep listening

Mind – helping you re-pattern the pain of the past

Soul – supporting you to remember who you are as a sacred being

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