Blueprint of a Tantric Healing Session

I’ve offered tantric healing sessions for nearly ten years now.  Every session is different, but a basic pattern usually emerges.   It often goes something like this:

  1. We relax.  Big time.
  2. We get our energy flowing.  How?  Breath, sound, and movement.
  3. We go to where it hurts.  Nearly everyone comes in because they are in some kind of pain or frustration.  We go there, together.
  4. We lean into the pain, doing our best to feel it fully.
  5. We let the pain go. Easier said than done.  Totally possible.  Completely transformational.
  6. Pleasure heals. Where there was once pain, we invite pleasure.  Pleasure, or well-being, comes in many forms.  It can be breath and movement where there was once constriction, contact where there was once isolation, laughter, tears, touch, affection, or even simple awareness where there was once only confusion.

I’ve had the privilege to see this process play out hundreds of times.  Some people come in for just one session, most benefit from a series of sessions over a few weeks or months.

Shared Presence

I say “we” instead of “you” because our shared co-presence is a big piece of the healing.  Sharing your experience with another breaks the spell of isolation caused by relating from a place of separation and isolation in which there are “your” problems, “your” pain, “your” issues.  The nature of trauma is isolation, healing happens in connection.

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