I invite you to know

this body as a portal to your innermost self,

to experience the breath as the thread that weaves

your connection to the pulsing earth.  

When breath, awareness, and movement come together,

we have yoga.   

By listening deeply to and as the physical body,

inner space opens.

Each fresh moment, a discovery comes anew.

What "style" of yoga Do you Offer? 

I offer a fluid and meditative style yoga with an emphasis on cultivation of the inner felt sense of the body. 

I'm generally less interested in the perfection of static poses, favoring instead a flowing organic approach. I'm passionate about supporting you to get into your body and to make tender contact with all that is awaiting there. 

Being with places that feel stiff, stuck, or blocked is as valuable  as being with places that feel more nimble and open.  I lead you toward increasing liquidity and continual rippling micro-movements that invite and encourage your natural life force to flow.   

My aim is to bring you deeper into a sense of mystery, into gnosis or direct knowing.  

What exactly is Yoga, anyway? 

Yoga is a systematic science that guides us, through direct experiences of breath, sound, movement, and awareness, deeper and deeper into the truth of who and what we really are.  Rather than practicing with any particular end goal in mind, I invite you to practice for the joy of practice itself, to allow your attention to become so nuanced and awakened, that each small movement holds a world of discovery, that each breath is a journey in and of itself.  

Training & Influences

I am a RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance.  My practice draws from a twenty year personal practice...ok, ok, so it was off and on for those first ten years...and then, baby, it was ON. :) I'm trained in Yoga Pranala, which combines Hatha Vinyasa with Balinese shamanic energy.  I'm also pretty much in love with unconventional style that elder yogini Angela Farmer teaches--PURE MAGIC.