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“I find Wisdom Bones to be the missing link in how I want to be met and express myself with other women. Robyn is an exquisite guide for the journey, you can trust her implicitly and feel safe to courageously walk the path of the creative unknown. After each session I leave feeling healed, met, energized, at home in myself and connected to the world. I feel this practice is a vital key for access to the feminine and I cannot recommend it enough!”
— Sonja Shrada Devi, International Feminine Empowerment Coach

What is Wisdom Bones?

Part movement class, part improvisational therapeutic theater, Wisdom Bones is a fun, dynamic healing modality for women seeking a profound circle of support that does more than just talk!  

Come breathe, stretch, sound, move, touch, roll around on the floor....and bring your soft animal body alive in the company of a circle of women. Each circle culminates with an embodied sharing circle, giving each woman the opportunity to share her truth using movement, sound, and personal storytelling.  A full cup of potent medicine!

Here, there is nothing to fix, and nothing to heal, simply an opportunity to be intimate with our own lived experience, however it feels today--rowdy or grieving or celebratory, timid or joyful or on fire. However we find ourselves, we are already whole, already present. Come with your curious heart, your tender heart, your shy heart.  All hearts are welcome. 

Let Your Body Tell Its Story

When we engage the body, we access a language that is older than our words.  Expression through movement can connect us to ourselves, to the earth, and to each other in profound and mysterious ways.  

Be lovingly Witnessed

In Wisdom Bones, we learn the skills of conscious, full-bodied witnessing.  Witnessing deeply is AS important or perhaps even MORE IMPORTANT than the skills of expressing.  When it's your turn to witness, you'll practice the skills of listening from a space of heart-centered non-judgmental awareness, anchored deep into the earth.  

beginner's Mind Welcome, No Experience necessary

Here,  we each tell vital truths, using not only our voices but also the movement of our bodies.  Each participant brings her unique and valuable expression forward.  In every circle we form a new piece of living art.  There is no right or wrong thing to feel or to express.  No experience with any kind of dance or movement practice is necessary.  Your nervousness is welcome, and most every first-time participant is at least a little bit nervous....which almost always melts quickly into connection and ease. 

California Tour Details

Fairfax — Yoga Mountain Studio

Date/Time: Saturday, October 5 from 1-5pm
Address: 31 Bolinas Rd, Fairfax, California 94930
Registration: Send $35 to robyn@thepresentsense.com via PayPal
Additional details can be found on the Facebook Event Page

South Bay/Woodside — Metavilla

Date/Time: Sunday, October 6 from 1-5pm
Address: 333 Raymundo Drive, Woodside, California, 94062
Registration: Purchase a ticket for $30 on EventBrite
Additional details can be found on the Facebook Event Page

Venice — Yoga Nest venice

Date/Time: Saturday, October 12 from 2-6pm
Address: 38 Washington Blvd, Marina del Rey, California 90292
Registration: Send a private message to Robyn Lynn via Facebook Messenger
Additional details can be found on the Facebook Event Page

Encinitas — The Pink Palace

Date/Time: Sunday, October 13 from 2-6pm
Address: Given upon registration
Registration: Send a private message to Robyn Lynn via Facebook Messenger
Additional details can be found on the Facebook Event Page

Want to thank you Robyn for an absolutely stunningly beautiful womens’ circle! Everything we did touched me to the core, and I am only sorry that i didn’t find you when I arrived 6 weeks ago! One of the most treasured experiences that I had this time around in Ubud. A Massive thank you!
— Shakti Kali Kaloczi, Rise Shakti: transformational coaching

Get a taste in this interview…


by Helen Light

she is me

and I

am crawling on the floor

shrugging my back and

spitting, spewing out

my tongue

my language

and every piece of

sweet pie

I have been fed

as a pretty girl

you get fed a lot of bullshit, but

here is this woman


and beautifully ugly

claiming her space

her right

to do what the fuck is necessary

for this shit to come out

and I am her

and she is me

sitting side by side


in wonder

as my bones vibrate

from the wisdom

of my ancestors

— Helen Light, Feminine Leadership Coach, Stockholm

Praise & Thanks

Thank you to Olivia Corson, whose work "Body Tales" greatly influenced and inspired "Wisdom Bones" and whose ongoing mentoring is invaluable to me and the next generations of teachers she supports. Olivia offers classes and retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area, California which I HIGHLY recommend!  You can find out more about her work at: http://www.bodytales.com/