Align with the truth of your body.

Melt into the embrace of your heart.

There’s nowhere that love can’t go.


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Deeper, For Couples


Somatic Intimacy Coaching

Custom mentoring packages for

men, women, couples + groups

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What is Somatic Intimacy Coaching?

Most of us long for satisfying connection with others.

We long to be met in the fullness of our hearts, in the raw passion of our bodies, and in the callings of our spirits. What if I told you that experiencing this kind of connection is based on a set of skills that are available and learnable? That there are simple ways you can direct your attention, your breath, and your body that make all the difference in experiencing the depth of intimacy that quenches the soul?

I’m not going to promise you pie in the sky. Life is full of challenge. But I will fully and confidently offer you skills and experiences that will enhance your sense of connection, intimacy, and support in this uncertain life. Sometimes our natural ability to give and receive satisfying, passionate, loving attention is inhibited, disconnected, distorted, or numbed. Intimacy Coaching combines the skills of meditation and mindfulness with embodiment practices that support you to become radically present, for yourself, for your partner, and for your life.

  • What if you were really free to enjoy your body's pleasure?

  • What if all the mental noise quieted down enough for you to trust the wisdom of your body?

  • What if you could be supported to move through the communication tangles and conflicts you face?

  • What if ordinary ecstasy were a daily occurrence?

In meeting the tight places inside ourselves with curiosity, clarity, and compassion, we can find the heart of presence.  Where vast awareness meets ordinary reality, this is our terrain.  


Inner Union

Tantra, Polarity, and Sacred Sex:

It's an Inside Job

Emphasis on Inner Union (rather than outer union with another) is the central pillar of the work I offer.  Here you'll learn to cultivate a steadfast and loving relationship between spacious awareness (the masculine aspect) and the embodied felt sense (the feminine aspect) within yourself.


It's my pleasure and passion to support folks who are going beyond the glamour of peak experiences that are so common in the neo-tantra realms, so that you can

Get down to business with the deeper work

This means lovingly and firmly addressing the trauma-based compulsions, fixations, and insecure/avoidant attachment patterns that unconsciously drive so many of our relational patterns and which can leave us disconnected or depleted.


This Western, psychological and somatic approach lays the essential groundwork for accessing the boundless presence that Eastern spirituality offers, minimizing spiritual bypass along the way.  When we see ourselves clearly and with compassion, no longer avoiding or indulging, we become able to connect with the wellspring of our own creative life force as a source of nourishment and creative possibility.

This leads to the long game:

the joyful work of creating healthy, regular, integrated habits of thought, speech, and behavior, lived in devotion to the mystery, to the divine, or to what some call the zero point--the great void at the heart of all things, from which all things spring, to which all things return.


Available Workshops

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Yoga, Asana & Pranayama

When breath, awareness, and movement come together, we have yoga.   The yoga I offer is a flowing, organic style focused on cultivating a supple connection with your inner felt sense. 

Asana, the practice of physical postures, is just one aspect of yoga.  All the work that I offer--on and off the mat--is designed to bring you into a state of yoga.  


Wisdom Bones

Embodiment Circles for Women

Part movement class, part improvisational therapeutic theater, Wisdom Bones is a fun, dynamic healing modality for women seeking a circle of support that does more than just talk. A unique and widely-praised experience!


Relational Magic

Relational Magic: Embodied Meditation  is a profoundly simple partnered practice that relaxes our bodies, opens our hearts, and softens out fears.