Poem for my Ancestors: Zearing Iowa

I’d be mistaken to think that re-aligning my spine were as easy as standing up straight. As if depression were cured by medication, and not dancing. As if the future existed separately from the past. As if coins had only one side. I examined the soles of my shoes, pair after pair, year after year, […]

I am the Double Headed Serpent.

I am the Double Headed Serpent.  My name is your birth and your death.  I am the cervix you arrived through and the tunnel of white light through which you’ll leave.  I am the mouth that suckles breastmilk, and the anus that fertilizes the soil. My one face is your sex, and the other is […]

On group intimacy and dissolving into love

This is a LONG post. It’s how it came. I trust that those inspired to read it will be the perfect ones to receive it. It’s a reflection on group intimacy and dissolving into love, untangling tensions from my evangelical past, and a healthy dose of I love you. I wrote this here in Bali, […]

Blueprint of a Tantric Healing Session

I’ve offered tantric healing sessions for nearly ten years now.  Every session is different, but a basic pattern usually emerges.   It often goes something like this: We relax.  Big time. We get our energy flowing.  How?  Breath, sound, and movement. We go to where it hurts.  Nearly everyone comes in because they are in some kind of […]

On Freedom + Becoming a Wife

In the weeks since my recent wedding, I am delightfully discovering this delicious sense of freedom spiraling up from within. Wide swaths of my energy are returning home to me. Aspects of myself that had been unconsciously tied up in some kind of relentless pursuit “out there” (perhaps trying to get love, approval, validation, and […]

What is “the feminine” anyway?

She’s not a woman, not a girly way of being, not pink, not lipstick, not strippers, not belly dancers, not ballerinas.  She’s not a bunch of Burning Man tribal “goddesses” wearing leather and feathers (although they’re lovely and probably open to Her).  When speaking of “the feminine,” I am not speaking of anything that is not […]

You are a holy human animal!

You are a holy human animal! The tender press of the divine into flesh is not some faraway fantasy. It is available to you here and now. Beneath the static drone of repetitive thinking, beyond the electric glare of this screen, is the pulse of your animal body, the heave of your breath in your […]

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