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Deepen Intimacy,

Ecstasy, and Connection

How does Somatic Coaching work? 

While every person has unique needs and outcomes from the work, these areas of focus and results are common: 

Mindfulness Practice & Meditation

Mindfulness is the capacity to observe thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviors without being fully identified with them.  Cultivating the habit of mindfulness brings spacious presence to automatic or compulsive thoughts and behaviors.  In this empty space of awareness, fresh choices are available. 

Rather than applying techniques while remaining in the same inner state that generated our challenges to begin with, we step right into the center of ourselves and into an altogether different state: one of vast spaciousness and creative empty possibility.  

Breath, Sound, and Movement

Breathe it through, dance it out, shake it off, stomp it in, shout it out, whisper it through! Session work includes include breath, sound, movement, touch, and spontaneous expression.    

Sensual Somatic education

Become conscious of the flow of life force energy within you and its expression at every level of your being.  Learn to navigate and enjoy the river of eros, and surrender ever more fully into its stream.  

Boundaries & Invitations

The pathway to a full-bodied "yes!" is your firm grasp on the ability to say "no." How able are you to stand firmly in your "no," or to boldly make a request for something you want? Boundary work is a rich, deep, and ongoing aspect of this work, and essential to developing personal sovereignty and empowered consent, the cornerstones to deep intimacy with autonomy at its core. 

The Power of Pleasure and Desire

Pleasure heals.  Desire lights the way to our deepest yearnings. The intelligent pursuit of desire, sought for the pleasure of the desire itself, without attachment to its outcome, enlivens us as a form of intimacy with the soul.  What's your relationship to pleasure? Or to pain? They are two sides of the same coin and their conscious exploration can reveal layers of depth, fulfillment, wonder, and awe. 

Aspect Work, Shadow Exploration, Mythological Archetype

There are many wonderful characters living through our field of awareness.  On the psychological level we may find the inner child, the clown, the dreamer, the seductress, the Virgin, the bad boy, the wimp, among others.  On the archetypal level we might explore how the energies of beings such as Aphrodite or Kali, Apollo or Dionysus, Persephone or Icarus are moving through our lives.  Each one of these characters has a valuable role to play and is part of our wholeness.  By taking time to slow down and listen to the inner aspects that might be suppressed, repressed, or just hiding away from our awareness, we have the opportunity to reconnect to these wells of vitality and remember the Wholeness that was always there.  

Addressing Trauma

Some people come to this work with a history of trauma.  Others come because they have already done significant healing through talk therapy and now find themselves needing to address the body or their sexuality more directly. 

Accessing Altered states for Healing & Transformation 

Breathwork, meditation, ritual, and mantra can open us into states of consciousness beyond ordinary rational thought.  These states can lead us into an expanded sense of who we are, altering our perception of ourselves, our loved ones, and of life itself.  These states are achieved using only the natural capacities of your body and mind, no substances of any kind are needed or allowed.  


For Women 


"Dear Robyn, I struggle to find the words that can express my gratitude to you... meeting you was like finding light in complete darkness - or perhaps accepting the darkness rather than crying out for light... Through our sessions i have come closer to healing my soul, i have come closer to self realisation and contentment. Your very nature calmed me from the moment you walked into my life and for this i will be forever grateful.

Thank you so much for your patience, your selflessness and your willingness to push boundaries and challenge me. I can only imagine how many other lives you have touched and i am blessed to say that i am one. Thank you also for the beautiful gift - i am looking forward to journeying into this realm. 

Love to you, to Rick and your incredible spirit."

Alyson Joice xxxx


May 1, 2017

For Men


"I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for your time, your love, your presence, and your amazing insight and wisdom yesterday. I listened to the recording once and then re-listened to it a second time while writing down the key points and practices that you shared.

Since my earliest memories as a young teen the force and energy of my sexuality has been strong but I've never really had many tools for working with it in a mindful, skillful way. I am looking forward to engaging with my partner with the subtle touch practices you taught me and bringing some of this new awareness into our relationship.

So thank you again for your kind generous gift your, beautiful life's work, and lovely presence. Such a gift you are to the world! May your path be filled with love joy, peace and beauty as you travel back to Bali and beyond!"

Andy Peri, Fairfax CA

July 2017

For Couples


"Robyn has a special magic all her own.  She is able to shift things inside me that no one else can even touch, let alone change.      With her years of experience and huge heart full of love, I cannot recommend Robyn highly enough."


Seattle WA

October 2009

From Your Home 


Video Coaching 


Wherever you are located, if you have an internet connection and a strong intention to do this work, we can make it possible.

Sessions are available using or Skype