Deeper: A Soulful Sensual Event For Committed Couples

Come be astonished by how close and connected you feel with your partner during this guided journey.  

In the many couples journeys I’ve guided, I’ve watched people in happy, stunned bliss — searching for words to share the deep intimacy and connection they feel. Often they share of breakthroughs and life-altering transformations, using words like “I’ve never…” and “For the first time in my life….”.

The best thing is — any couple can do it. You don’t need any experience with meditation or tantra. All you need is a willingness to show up and trust each other, the ability to breathe, and a trusted guide to take you on your Journey. 

Give & receive the gift of profound presence. Take a pause from the rhythm and routine of life, enjoy a time out for the two of you, and let transformative love have its way with you. Step into a warmly-held space with your partner where you can relax, let go, nourish and be nourished.

Potential Benefits of This Journey:

  • Revitalize your relationship

  • Feel loved and understood

  • Shower your partner with the attention and love she so desires 

  • Love your beloved in a way he can receive

  • Enjoy touch in a safe, sacred container, without any pressure

  • Learn how to share and honor your own boundaries

  • Spark sensual and sexy time (More intimacy = better sex!)

  • Feel more connected with your partner than you ever have before

  • Feel safe — in ways you've never imagined

  • Feel a deep sense of peace and bliss

  • Create a safe space to share difficult conversations

  • Disarm arguments quickly and with kindness

This is the only practice I know that makes love as easy as breathing. Cozy up with your sweetheart, and prepare to dive into deep intimacy and transformative love. Just the two of you, hearts blown open, bodies tingling, happy to be alive.

Event Details

Date/Time: Saturday, October 19 from 2-5pm

Location: Chandler, AZ (address provided with registration)

Registration: $120/couple sent via PayPal (please include both of your names in the notes section)

Additional information can be found on the Facebook Event Page.


Is this a play party? No — it’s much more like a guided meditation, one that is fun, relaxing, and that you can do while cuddled up with your partner.  

Will I connect with people other than my partner? We’ll do a few practices as a large group, and its important that everyone can feel a sense of basic trust and connection in the space together, but the vast majority of the practice you will share with your partner only.  

Do we get naked? Nope. Fully clothes on. Dress comfortably, it’s better for relaxing. 

Why would we have someone guide us instead of just connecting at home? The degree to which both people are able to let go and deeply connect is exponentially increased when someone else is expertly guiding the way. No distractions, no kids, nothing else tugging at your attention. Just you, your breath, and your beloved, fully present. Magic. 

Why do this with other couples in the room? The collective group energy is so supportive! Everyone practicing together helps everyone to go deeper. It can be really wonderful to have your partnership honored in a community and supported by other couples who face many of the same challenges and joys that you do.  

What if we just want to do this on our own? If you prefer to be guided privately, great! I’m available for couples coaching, so just let me know if that is a better fit for you. 

I’m excited to meet you all and honored to get to support your partnerships in this way!