Sexological Bodywork for Women, Men, and Couples

What is Sexological Bodywork?

As a Sexological Bodyworker, I am a somatic, erotic educator who assists individuals, couples and groups to deepen their experience of embodiment. I am a trained sexologist whose certification is approved by the State of California. I offer experiential learning opportunities that consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states.  My teaching involves a variety of instructive modalities, including breathwork, intuitive energy work, verbal guiding and coaching, touch, erotic massage, and pelvic release bodywork.

One of the somatic realms that I introduce my students to is a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviors. In this meditative state, an individual becomes aware of the body as a source of wisdom and freedom. One of the ways to access this fecund state is by actively receiving a Taoist Erotic Massage. Helping others access and make use of a variety of erotic states is foundational to the education I offer.

Sexological Bodyworkers believe that sexual health and erotic education are basic human rights.

"Sexual arousal may induce an altered state of consciousness that is available to anyone willing to explore it. But, as with meditation and shamanic journeying, the non-ordinary conscious state generated in sustained sexual arousal constitutes an opportunity one must learn to use."  Dr. John Ryan Haule

Who Can Benefit From Sexological Bodywork

The most profound sex education happens with students who are fully engaged in the learning process.  I act as a resource more than a teacher for motivated individuals who wish to explore what is erotically possible, particularly in the realms of meditative and ecstatic erotic states.   I specialize in guiding individuals, couples and groups into the mystical and shamanic aspects of human sexuality. My spiritual background and experience includes tantra, shamanism, earth-based Paganism in the Reclaiming tradition, and gnostic Christianity. Each of these traditions acknowledges the spiritual dimensions of sexuality.  I welcome students of diverse religious and spiritual cosmologies.

I also offer assistance to adult individuals who have experienced inadequate sexual education and instruction in self-care from family, religion, school, birth and health care professionals. Some people seek out Sexological Bodywork because sexual shame, or a more subtle sense of unworthiness, has damaged their self-image, interfered with relationships, or even thwarted their ability to love.  I consider pleasure a powerful and valuable form of education.

Addressing Trauma and Fear:
  • Trauma can leave you numb, tight, or shut-down.  Sexological Bodywork brings loving attention to gently wake up the body.
  • Pleasure heals and teaches the body that it is safe to open up again.
  • Personal empowerment work to establish and maintain healthy boundaries and edges, done in Coaching sessions, complements Sexological Bodywork.
Ejaculatory Mastery for Men:
  • Learn to direct, contain, and circulate erotic energy in your body.
  • Learn to relax and open into profound erotic states.
  • Use breath, muscular awareness, and guided imagery to maintain arousal for extended periods of time.

Sexual/Spiritual Integration:

  • Enjoying simple, innocent pleasures in a shame-free space
  • Exploring eros in a sacred context
  • Utilizing the erotic as a pathway to shamanic and ecstatic states
  • Learning to use erotic energy as a prayerful means to manifest one's desires, i.e. Sex Magick



  • releasing bodily tension and fear
  • experiential learning in ejaculatory mastery for men
  • exploring the erotic trance states available touch, breath, and arousal


The description above has been taken and modified from the website, where you can find out more information about the Sexological Bodywork profession.