Sensual Nurturing Sessions

Loving human touch is good for the soul and we could all use more of it!

Sensual Nurturing Sessions are best suited for you when your main interest is in a simple experience of being nurtured.   Unlike Sex & Intimacy Coaching sessions which are focused on learning new skills, Sensual Nurturing sessions are about being cared for and pampered.

In a Sensual Nurturing Session, I will invite you to enter a state of meditative, surrendered receiving.  No need to impress me, woo me, or otherwise perform.  This is about dipping into the wellspring of your own life force.   As I offer devotional, nurturing touch, you are welcomed to melt into body, breath, and pleasure.  Touch is one-way and non-interactive.  Warmth, generosity, and presence fill the space.

Nothing you have to hide or keep secret.

Loving hands.  Open heart.  Whole body.

Leave feeling honored and renewed.

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Please note: during your first session, we'll spend some time getting acquainted.  In order for the best experience possible, you'll need to be assured of my warmth and skill.  I'll need to be assured of your kind-heartedness and respect.  If, during our initial conversation,  either one of us feels that we're simply not a match, for any reason, it's best for us both to say so.  If this rare occurrence should happen, we'll talk and either change the direction of the session, or simply and amiably end the session there, no fee exchanged. Easy.