The Church of Ecstatic Embodiment

Declaration of Religious Status Grantor: Robyn Lynn Thoren

Grantee: The Public

Date: May 17, 2010

I, Robyn Lynn Thoren, am called to a ministry. It has been revealed to me that that which is called the Divine is the living life force, the spark of creation that flows in infinitely interconnected streams throughout the universe from the furthest star to the nearest point within the human body.  It is my calling at this time to focus on the Divine as immanent, present in the physical world, and in the physical beings that inhabit it.

I am therefore called to facilitate rituals, workshops, classes, sessions and other activities that provide a direct experience of embodied divinity. I hereby declare myself as sovereign.  I conduct my life and ministry according to Divinely guided values, and although no external authority may intercede or interpret this guidance on my behalf, I am beholden to the mutual well being of the interconnected web of life.  I give thanks for this opportunity to be of service to the All.

Respectfully Submitted May 17, 2010