Hi Robyn, I saw you a few times about three years ago as my marriage was ending.  I was having problems delaying orgasm along with other issues around confidence and masculinity. While we only had a few sessions, I wanted to write you and say how much I learned and how much transformation took place from that.  It's helped me heal a big hole I'd had for a long time and has allowed me to be a full lover with others. Your caring and what you do has meant a lot to me and I want to say thank you. 
Much love,  Robert

Robyn, The other day my girlfriends and I went to a little day spa down town.  The spa is for women only and everyone was nude.  I was a little shy at first but when I got in there I was able to relax and enjoy myself.  I would have never been able to do anything like this before I met with you. Since meeting with you I have a new respect for my body and other peoples bodies as well.  I love the fact that I'm able to look at other people and myself in a new way and know we are all sexual beings and all have issues to overcome.   I will alway be grateful to you.  

Blessings to you,  Peggy

Robyn, Prior to our first meeting I had read some of your praises and I thought them to be a bit corny. However, I could not have been more mistaken. Your intuition and understanding was far beyond my expectations. I'm still wondering how you accurately sensed so many aspects of my inner self.   R.

Hi Robyn, I have come a long way over the last year, and just wanted to give you a little update. I saw you once last April, and I think it really was the beginning (or continuation) of the cracking of my structure that allowed light to filter down and plant a seed.  I am finding that being true to my soul and higher self is worth it. I am Alive! I am dancing ecstatic dance weekly and loving it! I'm finding wonderful people all around me suddenly who inspire me. Thanks for your help along this path. I am grateful. Hope to meet again someday.  

much love, Jay

Robyn, Because of your work there will be a few more people who wake up one morning with a greater sense of their body, their heart and the world around them.   

Thank you, Tim

Thank you Robert and Robyn for a wonderful, revealing, empowering, and blissful experience provided throughout the weekend sessions.  Today I am still savoring the experience and in my heart I feel the deepest sense of joy never imagined just a few days ago.  My heart goes to you both.  

Sincerely, Carlos

Dear Robyn, I have opened up to you like no one else. From the beginning of this counseling I have felt a deep trust in your ethic and intelligence. I have expressed to you my own thoughts about the potential for prayerful experience in this work. Recognizing my fear of emotion, listening for the female, imagining a yoni, feeling the course of energy in my body - these all are now a part of me because of you.  Along the way I have sensed the potential to grow as a person beyond my original expectations. Experiencing this with you could be a natural step in this growth and  further what I now understand as the female impulse inside me. I can't imagine anyone else being as thoughtful or effective a guide.  You are the guide. I will follow.  Frank

Robyn, I do not have the words to express my gratitude for everything you have done and are doing to help me in my journey of self discovery.  I remember the first time I meet you and I immediately felt at ease.  The heart said I could trust you and I am glad I listened for a change.  I am forever grateful,  Terry

"I’m so incredibly thankful that you are working with me. What came to you as a complete inhibited basket-case has a newly-ignited spark that I desire to grow into a ferocious flame." S., 4/06

"It is hard for me to put into words how important our session was in helping me understand and enjoy my sexuality. Thank you and bless you!!!" D. 9/06

“What you do is truly BEAUTIFUL. Humble thanks from a heart that is opening up to receive and give love at a level that I never knew existed." S., 4/06

"[My girlfriend] was on another plane for the rest of the evening, relaxed and full of joy. I too enjoyed a state of relaxed bliss and a closeness that is sometimes lost in the busyness of life." T., 2/06

"I felt cared for, and I cared about some one, I felt vulnerable, protected, weak, strong, in touch with my surroundings, outside of my surroundings. I felt relaxed and peaceful.” T. 3/06

"I felt 'set free'". D., 1/06

"I received far more enlightenment from that brief visit with you than any of the other soul searching I've been dabbling with lately." B. 1/06

"Our conversations left me in a peaceful and less anxious state of mind. More focused as well." P. 10/05

"Your kind words and understanding eyes made me feel accepted and celebrated for who I really am; a man who is still full of life, strength, and vitality." D. 10/05

"I appreciate the gentleness that you showed me, the light of your smile, and your caring. Please be sure that I look forward to learning with you again. Take care, and continue your good work." A.10/05

"I've been floating ever since bidding you farewell. You are gifted. Many, many thanks for a magical moment." P., 10/05

"Robyn is the gold standard; words fail in describing her warmth, charm and positive energy. It was my privilege to make her acquaintance."